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     When you hear the name THE FUNKTASTICS one might think of Parliament/Funkadelic.  Though The Funktastics are students of the funk they are a more refined cleaned up version. This duo presented a new genre pre Justin Timberlake's "FutureSex/LoveSounds and in recent years Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk".  Combining Pop, Funk, Soul, Rock and Hip Hop, creating a fresh sound. Considered one of the most unique brands to hit the music industry at that time.  

Their stylish fashion statements, stage persona and over all badass image was unseen in the industry other than the legendary Prince.  
      Tauros, a native of Detroit, MI and Barsheem of Brooklyn, NY met in Los Angeles in 1998. The two became friends while touring as background singers for a Major label artist. After a two-year run they performed as solo acts in and around Hollywood. Realizing they worked well together, they decided to become a duo. Calling themselves a super group may seem a little strange for a duo but Tauros writes, produces and plays multiple instruments and Barsheem is a master songwriter, singer and arranger. Its like, a six-member group rolled into two artists. 

     Locking themselves away in a home studio for a year in 2004 with minimal recording equipment which included a microphone, PC computer, guitar, bass and a Triton keyboard they produced an entire album, "FUNKTASTIC PARTY". The jams "Wildin Out", "Bonin" and the feel good "Succa", reveal a heavy James Brown/Prince influence. While the conscious side of "NtheStreets", "Way Back Home" and the groovy mid-tempo "I Still Love You, Baby" focused on sincere lyricism, influenced by greats like Marvin Gaye and Smokey Robinson. The track "FEVER" exposes a sexy Rock/Hip Hop side to this otherwise funky project. 
     Once the album was complete, they decided the best way to promote would be through the Internet. Connecting with a new audience via MYPACE.COM gave them the opportunity to funk people all around the world. Response to the album was overwhelming especially in other countries including the UK and Japan which was followed by the question, When and where are they performing the funk? 
     As fate would have it, they stumbled on a rock or shall we say The STONE a great venue in the heart of Thai town Hollywood. After one sound check with owner Carl Percival they were asked to do their own night twice a month. Headlining with an opening act of their choice along with their charismatic announcer Ken Cornish. The FUNKTASTICS created a new scene unlike any other. Calling them FUNKTASTIC PARTIES, their night became known for stylish costumes, high-energy choreography, sexy female dancers and their amazing stage presence. That party people atmosphere made it the place to be on Saturday nights. This was a great start but they wanted to reach a broader audience. After mailing a videotape to B.B. Kings Night Club, They booked a show at the famous Universal City Walk to a packed house. 
     As their popularity increased, a fellow performer invited them to see a show on the 3rd street Promenade in Santa Monica, which inspired them to do their own performances on the weekends. After a few shows and the gratification of instant cd sales The Funktastics discovered their audience was made up of dancing kids and screaming girls of all ages. During a performance they met Elias Deek a Cable TV producer who granted them their television debut on Adelphia Cable station 98, which included a performance and interview. 
    2007 was proved to be the year of the FUNKTASTICS. Having four songs from their debut cd featured in the SHOWTIME film "Pants In The Family", earning great reviews on their exclusive myspace single "SODA POP!" and the release of their sophomore cd "FUNKTASTICS IN THE SKY", they became an underground cult classic of sorts.

In 2017 the rights to all of The Funktastics music has been transferred to 333 MUSIC LLC for distribution and licensing.

Ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for The FUNKTASTICS! 

The Next Generation Of Funk

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