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The Funktastics - "We don't hate Spotify but do they love us?"

The inside scoop on why The Funkastics and artists like them have decided to stop using streaming services for now.

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Jan 2022 - 333 MUSIC STAFF

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     Dynamic Pop/Funk duo The Funktastics have been on music fans radar for their double remastered album and unreleased 5 song EP “Funktastics Forever". Released in May of 2021, the compilation includes their 2006 and 2007 albums  “Funktastic Party” and “Funktastics In The Sky”.  Inspired by Michael Jackson, Prince and other legends the albums left listeners anxious to hear more.  The projects were released via CD Baby distribution and promoted on social media platforms. By December 2021 The Funktastics were anxious for their year end report and said, "We were thrilled about receiving over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone but were disheartened by our overall profits.  It made us take a much closer look at the entire system." 


     The Funktastics in another recent interview said “We don’t HATE Spotify or other streaming services but do they LOVE us? Spotify has over 172 million subscribers as of 2021 and payout $1 per every 315 streams. The Funktastics also stated "Artists should be treated as partners in this equation but we are not. We understand

and appreciate how convenient these services are for consumers but It’s tough for an indie label. We pay for all of our expenses out-of-pocket to bring art to the public so smaller profits hit different for us than for Major label artists.” In light of recent articles and social media posts that unearth the infamous struggle Prince had with streaming services and record labels and now with artists like T-Pain sharing what musicians profit per stream is eye opening for the public. 


     In July of 2021 The Funktastics released the

Funktastics Forever EP” as a limited edition CD. “We did a short run of CDs and was pleasantly surprised by how many music fans would pay $20 for a 5 song CD. That kind of support in this day and age totally inspired us.  When we compared the CD sales to the streaming profits it was mind-blowing.” The Funktastics not only point fingers at music streaming services but social media outlets as well. “We contribute our content to these huge social media platforms on a daily basis and keep viewers watching, liking, commenting and sharing but we don’t receive any compensation for our role in the big picture. Again it’s not looked at as a partnership but it should be.”  


     In 2022 The Funktastics are set to release their third studio album “F3”.  This new year will be a fresh start for us because we have a new album, a new sound and a new look along with new thoughts on music distribution. “We don’t make music as a hobby this is our day job and WE know this is our best album yet so we admit we want the world to hear it.” The plans they have for the release of their new single and visual “WildSide” may seem unconventional. It will be distributed as a direct to fan download. It will not be on streaming services and the visual will not have a YouTube premiere that usually only leads to thumbs up and comments but nothing more. The listener will pay a one time fee of $3 to download a bundle which includes an MP3/Wav version of the single, an MP4 of The music visual, behind the scenes footage and a series of artwork slides not available anywhere else. “We’ve worked so hard on this new album for the past 2 years. We can’t wait for the streaming services to change so we have to do things differently and we hope music fans support us until things do change.” 


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Wildside Tall website banner.jpg
Wildside Tall website banner.jpg